Poem reading of : Back Pack Panic Attack

And now a Bullet point poem about my latest panic attack……while buying a new back pack for my up coming trip to Thailand


  • Need, new backpack that is light weight and can hide the fact that i am carrying my life in it
  • coupon, to sports authority
  • 20% off
  • drive, unsettled with an uneasy feeling in my stomach
  • Hot blistering sun at 9 am beats down on my as i walk in
  • Sliding doors
  • gust of air
  • “welcome”
  • “do you have backpacks”
  • *laughs* “oh do i, i have a whole wall”
  • walks to back corner
  • finds  an endless wall stretching full of all kinds of backpacks
  • i see the back packs
  • i see the price *expensive*
  • mom: Suggest cheep nike pack
  • panic
  • mom: points out waterproof alliterative
  • panic
  • mom: shows me red pack
  • panic
  • explode
  • rambles about seeing the back packs and needs to just digest it
  • trying to digest
  • wall gets smaller
  • narrows down on relatively priced section
  • wall gets smaller
  • narrows down on addis brand
  • i can breath again
  • finds two i can decide on
  • picks a light weight, back padded grey and red back pack with a pocket for my computer.
  • check out
  • discount
  • pay
  • leave

this has been a bullet point poem of Back Pack Panic Attack

Thank you, and good night

(my backpack by the way)