Fandom Friday- Supernatural

Lets talk Supernatural.

If you have never seen or herd or the hit tv show Supernatural…..I am really impressed.

The basic run down of the show is that it has been on for about 10 years, and follows the tragic lives of brothers Sam (your basic hero type) and Dean Winchester (and our favorite Antihero).

The Winchesters come from a long line of Demon hunters, yea thats right Demon hunters.The show is constantly evolving and reinventing itselfย with new struggles, bigger band worse bad guys and many with many deaths.

Once thought to be just a show for girls, has become a have a huge fan base that is even acknowledged by its own writers in several episodes that break the 4th wall.

Now the main part, Why should you be a fan?

Well This show is not only easy to watch but easy to jump into even though you may be 10 years behind. The show follows a simple formula that makes it so successful. Each season has a main villain or underlying struggle, With every episode being a stand alone “case” for them to take on. Sprinkle in a few bottle episodes for holidays or to relive the tension of the season.

They Deal with not only monsters but real life problems that range everywhere from dealing with death to how to be a step dad and even how to deal with being in love with and demon even though your an angel of the lord.

i know heavy stuff right;

Oh did i mention the hot lead actors?

Ok seriously, Look at this^

But its not just full of hot guys, oh no take a look at these bomb shells

The casting directors might have thing for fierce Red heads, but thats ok because so do we!


The Main characters have died multipleย times and they have nearly killed of every character in horrific detail. In fact a running joke in the fandom is that longest living characters on this show are these guys.


A ghost hunting group from a bottle episode that have shown up a few times. These guys have even out lived the main characters Sam and Dean themselves.

And if that doesn’t make you want to watch the show let me explain why it should. This is a Wildly successful tv show that not only has a huge fan base who are loyal to it even over 10 years But the show and the cast don’t take it self seriously.

These guys ^ are the same studs from the shirtless pics before! And they love their fans. I have never seen a group of people so in on their own joke as them! take 2 seconds to search Tumblr + Supernatural and just enjoy the endless Gifs, Pics and overall goofiness the show has to offer.

IF you haven’t seen it, do. Its on Netflix and Hulu and you really don’t have an excuse. It fist every Genera Action, Adventure, Supernatural (lol), Romance, Comedy. You name it We have it.

I cant really say anything else, The show is great, the cast is too and its something everyone should enjoy!