Lets get Personal-One Wish

If you could have one single wish granted, what would it be?

One wish, ok lets do this Lets get Personal.

Assuming the rules of wishes set out in Aladdin, thats is.

  1. no wishing for more wishes
  2. no wishing anyone back from the dead
  3. no wishing for someone to love you.

Then I no exactly what to wish for. I don’t know why but when all the other little girls were making wedding journals or dreaming about being a princess i was thinking about things ย like…

  • best zombie apocalypse plan
  • if i were stranded what would i take on a deserted island
  • What and how to specifically ask for something from a genie
  • What kind of super hero i would be
  • What kind of super villain i would be

you know those kind of things, so i am oddly prepared for this questions.

I would ask for a bag, or purse.

Not just any kind of ย bag, but a bag with two magical properties.

  1. The backpack will have a Marry Poppins/Doctor Who/Hermione purse from the last Harry Potter movies black whole quality to it.
  2. Besides being bigger on the inside, It would be full of cash.
    1. non sequential bills, In any denominationย i wish, in any countries currency, completely originating from my bag and not being stolen or taken from anyone.


I want this magical bag because it would mean i could no matter where i travel, travel light. And Travel Often with all the free money.

“I wish for This purse (I would bring my own) to have the inside not only be bigger than the out side, so that i can carry thousands of things and the bag never get bigger or heavier but also to always have Non sequential totally legal un stolen cash in any denomination all i need is to think of how much i need and from watch country when i reach in to grab it.”

How i would specifically

so there you go, magic bottomless bag full of money could you wish for more?