Something New; Instagram Challenge.

I watched a Ted talk by Matt Cutts about doing something new every 30 days. It was really inspiring and i wanted to try and do that. This year has been pretty rocky for most of us and i couldn’t seem to get achieve any 30 day challenge. I tried Inktober and even Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) . But fell short on both (like by a lot).

But when I was black Friday shopping I found this, Capture Your Style  by Aimee Song. If she sounds familiar she should, her handle is @songofstyle. She is immensely successful not only on Instagram but has a clothing line, a huge blog and is dominating this whole lifestyle brand life.  SO I thought, since I have been trying to grow my Instagram page and create a lifestyle I want to live other than working at a desk my whole life. Let me give this a try.

Capture your Style

SO for 30 days I will be living by Songs words and trying to create a super feed to grow and expand myself as a brand.  Her book is really insightful and is full of beautiful pictures and some great advice, but for the sake of this let me boil it all down to a few key sections and rules.

  • Its all in the name
    • Your Handel will become your brand, it should reflect you. Some ideas are to use your own name, or put the word The in front to or maybe a Career title in the back like “jim the lawyer”.
      • Also you should think of your mission statement, the little line that goes under your name on your profile page.
  • Story telling
    • Think of your pictures in a 3 X 4 grid (a 12 image story)
    • Think of how each picture will play with the ones above it or below it
    • The story should be sorted into themes
      • color
      • event
      • filter
      • photo style ( not cropped leaving a white or black border)
      • destination/location
  • Style *obviously she loves fashion so there were two actual sections on this
    • Fashion shots #ootd (outfit of the day)
      • keep movement in the shot
      • you can do close ups
        • keep them clean and detailed oriented
      • don’t be afraid to ask strangers to take a picture, or to direct the photographer
      • keep the background interesting
        • look for patterns
      • when dressing think of the location you’re going to, think of the story it will tell.
    • Food shots
      • birds eye view
      • LIGHTING
      • clean
      • arrangment
    • Decore
      • Look for shapes
      • interesting patterns
      • Geometric shots
    • Travel
      • keep the shots wide
      • play with perspective
      • look down take shots of the interesting flooring
      • tag locations (after you have left them)
  • Golden Rules
    • don’t be Cliche
      • avoid workout selfies, sunday brunch, airplay wing shots, foamy lates or air jumping
    • At least one photo a day (no maximum)
      • if posting more than one, then keep them spread apart
    • only 5 #
      • make sure they are unique
    • keep a routine
    • dont ignore commenters
    • and comment on theirs
    • Ask Questions in your captions
    • Limit selfies
      • put something/someone in them
    • and above all else Be UNIQUE

That was a lot and i actually left out quite a few sections like, how to take pictures of sponsored photos, or how to Handle  an Instagram takeover campaign. if you want all of it then buy the book its only 16$

Any way, with all of this and more, my goal is to increase my followers and to document my experience. I’m only on day two i can say its kind of hard all ready. Its making me think more about what I ware, and what Im taking photos of.  IF  you want to follow me and my journey you can follow me a @Thestarvingishartist