Something New; Grid One (a blue thing)

First and foremost If you haven’t read my first post under this title please do so here.

I’ve decided that I’m going to measure this project in grids because as there is a minimum of 1 picture a day there is. It maximum post limits and I’m averaging 2 post a day.

A Grid is a 12 image story that is connected by a theme. My first Grid was kind of fast and lose. The first 4 images barley followed the rules. I had about 11 hashtags per image and the were pretty basic ones too. Following the #photooftheday and the common #instagood.

The next 8 photos I followed a more strict pattern. Only 5 hashtags, I asked questions in 2 of the captions witch is something she said to do.and ย I made sure to use relatively unique ones too.

Grid one

I found it incredibly hard take at least one photo every day, so I had to dig deep in my well of google photos. I really only followed a blue theme for the story. I feel like I copped out bit. But over all I have to say I gained more followers, and likes in the last 6 days than I normally do in a month.

In order to keep track of all my number sim using the Instagram app, Analytics. In one week I gained 80 followers. So there is something to this at least for now. Ive decided that for my next grid im going to try and do a more Loosely based them of “glitter/gold”. Im also not allowing myself to use old photos, only one i’ve taken this month. Just becuase, why not make it that much more difficult on myself *inwardly cries*