Something New; The Keto Diet-week one

I have never been the skinny friend/sister/ cousin. Not that i have always been Fat, I would say that the Majority of my life I have been the cubby friend. It wasn’t until around when I turned 20 that I jumped from just a Cubby girl to a Big girl.

Ive lost and gained 30 pounds over the last few years never really being able to drop it completely. Ive done dozens of fad diets and even had a personal trainer at one point. And nothing seems too work. I will say that when I lifted weights i gained muscle while losing weight witch kept my overall weight the same while i dropped 4 dress sizes. ย It was a weekly argument with my trainer.

But with all of that being said, Im not about to give up on myself. Witch lead me to the Keto / ketogenic diet.

How i decided to start the Keto diet isn’t something i did with a lot of planning or research ill be honest. What happened was around the time of the new year i was trying to find a better way to keep track of calories. Along with crazy diets i’ve tried a lot of diet apps some good, some ok but none of them really provided the care and individualization i really wanted. Thats when Apple store recommended an app to me called LifeSum. I was feeling “eh” about it. Its a free app that you can buy a subscription for yearly or monthly.

In the beginning you answer a few questions and the app suggest one of its 6 types of ‘Holistic’ lifestyle eating habits, and 5 ‘Simple Rules’.

Life style eating Habits is what i call them becuase i don’t really think they are a diet plan. The Holistic plans are:

  • Whole & Healthy ( eat better, feel better -make your body happy) Clean eating
  • The energizer (better energy levels, steady weight-loss) Low-Carb
  • Mediterranean Diet (lose weight with plenty of Veg and Healthy Fat) High-Fat
  • Scandinavian Slim-Down (eat and shape up scandi-style) Nordic Diet
  • Classic Dieting (traditional-whole foods and fewer calories) Standard
  • Hunger No More (Eat wuntil you’re full and still lose weight) High Protein

Simple Rules

  • Go Green (a 7-day plan to help you eat your greens) Habit booster
  • The Fuss-Free Diet (no rules no fuss, diet 1 day a week) 6:1 Diet
  • The 2-day Blaster (eat as usual and then fast 2 days a week) 5:2 Diet
  • Fat-Burner:Light (Transition into a low-carb high-fat lifestyle) Ketogenic light
  • Fat-Burner: Extreme (all of the fat, none of the carbs) Ketogenic Strict

I started with The Energizer plan it was great, the app lets you know how many calories you are eating but doesn’t put any importance on it unless you’re in say the Classic diet. It Rates each meal with a range of happy faces, the bigger the smile the closer you are to eating ย a Balanced diet within your selected plan. This by the way is all free. what you pay for are Recipes, and even more in depth look into what your eating like sugar, fat, carbs, extra. It takes into account your weight, and height and everything else that makes up your personal bmi, it also looks at your goals and will tell you if they are risky or healthy goals to have.

After spending a month on The Energy diet and losing some weight I redid the quiz and got The Fat-Burner:Light aka The keto diet. Its…. Difficult.

Ive been fully fledge on it for about 3 days, not very long but still i can feel the effects of the carbs leaving my system. I have to say though that Lifesum is a life saver. Its very important for you to keep track of everything you eat to make sure you are being healthy. Its Incredibly difficult to eat as little carbs and protein and as much fat with out a daily log being able to calculate it.

But its only day 3, ย so im sure it will get harder before it gets easier but i have herd many testimonies about the keto diet Take Crystal Breeze who lost 100 lbs in one year!

I have tried a few recipes and made some tasty treats ill post some recipes latter on!