Something New; Keto Flu, and You

The hardest part of any new diet is the enviable crash. I’ve had it before but when you drop something that your body is literally dependent on it can be catatonic.

The keto diet is low or no carbs high proteins high fat. If you didn’t know carbs is basically nothing but sugar. And the sweet stuff keeps most of us running threw out the day. Take that away and I’m talking

-Mental cloud
-Flu like symptoms
-Appetite loss

The whole body shuts down, trying to pull sugar out of anywhere it can. This is the worst part of any diet. It’s the part that threatens the whole show. Do you give in and gorge on 6 doughnuts like ever atom in your being is begging you to do? Or do you push threw and hope it does down?

The keto flu is a monster of it self because you can’t just replace that delicious candy bar with day an apple witch is so insanely carb heavy you might cry. Fruits like oranges, grapefruits, blueberries all have carbs and most are too carb heavy to eat on the keto diet.

So the battle for your soul is a daily struggle, sure you can dress up cream cheese with sugar free pudding and act like it “TASTE JUST LIKE CHEESECAKE” but we all know that’s just the desperate cry of someone trying to fool themselves. No what you do is fight sugar with salt. The keto is all about fighting fire with fire, fat with fat. But to battle cravings you have to go deeper than base instincts.

Real deep, electrolyte deep. Deep carb heavy foods are also heavy in electrolytes the stuff you find in smart water, Gatorade, and (weirdly) chocolate milk! But a smart water is price , Gatorade is dense in sugar, and chocolate milk is..ok it’s delicious and not entirely bad for you but really In convent to carry around.

So you go for other things that have electrolytes, and that’s salt. We all know the saying that a hand full of nuts will bust us threw the afternoon slump and the reason being is all that salt and health fat. And that is the keto saving grace, not nuts, well not just nuts.

Push threw the flu by munching on nuts, spam, bacon, blackberries, pesto Ect. Not only will it boost your mood and energy but also help fight off all those nasty carb cravings !