Death of a Relationship, lets get personal

In life there are a few skill that can only be acquired by experience. Some people are born with the natural talent to draw, or a perfect palate, or say a God given ability to sing with raw emotion. These are not the skills i’m talking about. The ones i’m talking about come with the passage of time and the amount of life one has lived threw.

Let me define the difference, Life can be long or short but living threw either is just about time. Given enough time anyone can live threw hardship, death, love, happiness, sorrow. But the amount of Life lived has nothing to do with time it has everything to do with location, social economics, family, tragedy. I know a few kids younger than ten that have lived more life than half the adults I know.

Regardless how you live though these skills can be acquired either way. One of these skills is dealing with the death of a relationship regardless if that is a romantic one or a friendship. The more it happens the easier it gets or the more numb to it you become. Its a skill that is earned not given.

When it first happens its soul crushing, a betrayal of the heart and soul. The second time is less of a sting and eventually you just learn to let people go like days of the week. Its not necessarily a good trait to have but its either hate yourself for a while and think you’re unlovable or realize people just drift apart and move on.

Im a fan of the last one, Recently a friend of mine decided that becuase she was moving away (in 7 months) that she could no longer be my friend. It stung becuase we were friends for 8 years and basically spent every weekend together. But i learned that you cant force someone to be in a relationship. all you can do is let them go and see if they ever come back. Its a hard lesson to learn and unfortunately its unteachable.

Lesson being, Some people will be in your life forever, Some for a long time, Others for a while, And few for a blink of an eye.

Its painful, it sucks but you’ll move on and grow from it.