A brief update in my life

A brief update in my life

I have never denied or strayed away from being completely honest about me being a huge hot mess.I know my life is a mess and that im a total and complete fuck up most of the time.

But to be honest this year, isnt so bad…

yet? can i virtually knock on wood?

anyway I for the first time as a 26 year old, have an actual full time job you know like with insurance and PTO and shit.

Its so strange For the first time i can really build a savings and work towards the future and move forward. but im also feeling stuck in all other aspects of my life. I feel creatively stunted and i feel like im not being the best me i can be. I dont know how to organize my life.

I think im entering into a new age of experimenting and moving on. In fact i’ve already decided on getting a new tattoo. My new job is rather lenient on tattoos so its encouraging to know i can express myself that way.

I guess the biggest thing ive learned is that i need to put more faith in the natural course of life and let the stream take me. Stop swimming against the current so to say.

And i think thats how im going to go threw my art issues. Ive all ways pushed myself ย “what am i going to draw, when, in what color,” things like that so for once im just going to let it be. Let the inspiration come to me in its own time.

Im also going to commit to being more active. Writing down my thoughts always helps get them out like… chewing gum to get out the taste of coffee. This is going to be a good year.

*virtual knock on wood*

-good night creatures of the night