Where dose the time go?

Im finding an increasing need for organization and focus in my life. I feel the urge to do all these things at once but i dont have a space or the time to create or do anything. Maybe i do have the time i just cant motivate myself to clean or organize my life enough to actually do anything about it.

Its hard to know where i want to be and figure out how to get there. There is a list of things i want to do but i just dont know how to go about starting that journey.It seems like im Having to produce my own density and having the will to get it done is something of a struggle.And yes ive tried a ton of things like bullet journals and binders and even apps to track what i do all day. It just seems like an impossible task to get myself organized and an even bigger task to stay that way. It just seems like an impossible goal.And I really dont have an answer as to what to do next.

Its like when one thing in my life is going the right way something else has to go wrong. I have a great job now and have even gotten a raise but i have no time to do anything creative, i cant draw or take photos, its even a struggle to write this post. Time is something that just keeps eluding me.

And i cant help but question if this is something everyone goes threw? Do people normally just give up their passions once they start a Career? If so then i wont be one of them I am more that determined to paint to draw to create things of content and keep moving my life forward as not just now a functioning adult making but also as an Artist. Thats my main goal. Working on myself and my time so i can really squeeze every drop of productivity out of each day. Its going to be a struggle but its going to be worth it in the end… ย I think.

This year is the year i get my shit together. Isnt that just an awesome goal to have? i think so.