Brief update pt2

2017 is my year to be an adult and i hate it, it sucks and I would not recommend it to anyone.

I just got my first paycheck that had insurance taken out of it. I mean im a fucking adult now right, granted I still live with mom and Im more single now that when I was in middle school

-I cant even keep interest in a crush for more than two days.

But, For every definition of the word I’m an adult. And I really feel it. Not to long ago I just took a vacation because I could, I had the extra money for it and it was amazing. I cant lie Adult money is the shit.

But with everything that’s going on I feel the ever grown need to do something, anything. I have less and less time to make art and writing a thing in my life and I hate it. Not only that I feel like the need to draw is also blocking me up creatively, When I do have time I just freeze like what do I even draw. How do I even draw again, what is my style again…. I don’t know any more.

I see all these wonderful artists online and I just feels like ive been shot in the chest. I cant draw like that but I want too. And I don’t have the time to practice or experiment or even find inspiration. Its difficult.

If someone could bottle inspiration for me that would be great. Thanks.

In other news I am now in the Life Sum plan of “EXTEREM KETO” witch means I eat only 19grams of carbs a day. Basically if I smell bread I go over my daily amount. And Im like crazy foggy Brained. I hate life and why do I do this to myself? But I cant lie with the result, I mean ive lost 17 pounds in a month. It’s the worst but its not bad once you figure out how to so much fat and so little carbs, witch I guess is the whole struggle of the Keto diet.

I think im going to start posting some recipes. Maybe start blogging about my new job and some of the fun couples that come in.