Music: Praying by Kesha

Can we talk about Kesha for just a moment.

Kesha was the manic pixie dream girl of the music industry and it kind of changed everything. She came on the scene with Tik Tok. in 2009, I was 19 at the time and that song was my anthem. I was a big partier at that time in my life and her whole album spoke to me on a spiritual level. She was my spirit animal. She rolled out of a craft store covered in all the glitter and body paint it had, and showed up for a good time.

If you don’t know, its been over 5 years since Kesha Graced us with a song. The reason being is not because she just stooped writing songs or lost her voice. She was in a long heated legal dispute with her then Producer Dr.Luke as well as dealing with mental health issues.

Her songs were not just about a good time they were a symbol of self expression and explorations. Being your self, letting your freak flag fly! I, Like many others, was devastated when she stopped making music.

Years latter she is free from her burdens, and showing a how she grew threw the pain and struggles of her past in the song, Praying. She drooped the $ (much like Panic at the disco losing their “!”) She channeled anger and rage in to a power balled for the soul. Praying transcends her struggles and speaks to all of the things that weigh us down and the people who have tried to stop our journey.

The raw softer side of her is what 2017 needed. Praying is the song 2017 needed. A song of forgiveness of inner strength grace and guidance. Kesha has returned to our lives to once again empower the world and shut down the haters.