Weird Wine

Wine is used to be served in hand blown glass bottled corked and sealed in wax. Now adays you can get wine in not only a twist off but also a box, a bag, and in a mulitiled of strange containers. Weird wine is going to explore some interesting wine.

Lets get uncorked and funky.

UnderWood Pinot Noir Is our first up and as you can see it comes in a can.

I found this at a local store called WorldMarket. Its a really cool store if you have one near you i would suggest checking it out. I was wondering around the food section for some Belgium waffle cookies (they are a weakness of mine) when I saw this and thought, well damn this could be something.

I was skeptical obviously because I thought it might taste like tin so I went red instead of white. Here’s how it went down.


Its kind of a purple color instead of a red. This is a good indication that the wine is going to be thin in flavor and mouth feel. It fizzed ever so slightly when i poured it. The wine itself wasn’t sparkling though, any carbonation that was in it quickly dissipated.

After that super cool photo shoot i switched up the glasses and made up a quick, poor mans cheese plate.


The wine looks darker in an opaque glass. Pino Noir is a great wine to eat with fruit and cheese, and some chocolate so That’s what i went for.  My initial thought was that it tasted kind of like flat HI-C. Im not even sure if HI-C is carbonated but that’s what it tasted like. It did go well with the cheese and chocolate. It went better with the salted caramel chocolate than the bitter chocolate.

Its not very sweet but it definitely tasted watered down. The front flavor is of cherries, A bit sour. The nose of the wine was bitter, and tangy again though you can tell it wasn’t a full-flavored wine.

Id say it was very flat not robust in the slightest, not a lot of flavor besides cherry, and overall not well rounded. The mouth feel was hollow, very light. It did end with a bit of a dry note witch is always nice.

Overall was the wine drinkable, yes, Would i buy it again, probably not. It was ok i mean i drank it, i drank it all but i wasn’t the best wine i’ve had. Then again it was only like 3$

Ill give it a 2/5