Favorite True Crime Podcast

When I was a kid growing up in Cali, My grandma and I used to watch murder she wrote, Matlock, and Master Piece mystery…and you can see where I’m going with this. In fact my grandpa and I used to watch all those detective shows and He change the Chanel once he figured out the killer.

Its safe to say i’m a bit obsessed with true crimes and murder mysteries.

I think though that most women are, I think (and i hate to generalize) that True crime is a secrete hobby of a lot of women. Maybe its because its so Prevalent in the culture of being a woman. Were raised to be safe, to be careful, to put strangers at arms lengths just in case. Told we have to ware certain things to put strangers off, that we have to be 100% in control of our self, abstaining from drugs or alcohol,  and that will some how protect us from danger.

Its not true of course, Most woman get killed or raped by someone they know, or at least have met. This isn’t to discount the men who have been victimized at all, men can and are also rape/ murder victims

SO being the morbid person I am, i love listing to true crimes Pod cast. I listen to them on my way to work, or when I have a moment to myself. They make me pariond but are so spine chilling its worth me double checking the padlock at night.  Here are my favorite 3 in no particular order, check them out I linked their respective websites!


Lore is a beautiful podcast about true life campfire stories. Imagine if all the “true stories” from reddit were actually true, well that’s Lore. Hosted by Aaron Mahnke this bi-weekly podcast will inspire and frighten you with tales of fantastical creatures, mind boggling murder cases and much much more. The pod cast has done so well that its inspired a book, and a tv show that is going to drop sometime this year. The episodes only last about 30 minutes at most, the perfect about to squeeze in to a drive to work. Aaron weaves the beautifully strange stories with real life consequences and actions that will make you really think about the crazy things humans are capable off.


Sword and Scale 

Sword and scale is a mix of story telling and detective work done by the great host Mike Boudet. He goes threw murder cases, strange news stories and mysterious happening around the country, and world. Interviewing other crime reporters or detectives on cases as well as ex-paling the gruesome murders in his own words provides listeners with an amazing listing experience. Ranging from Mass murders to robbery and even torture his podcast is fresh every week with a new scandal or crime to tune into. The episodes run on the long side pushing at a hour. Its great alternative to watching tv, Sit back relax (if you can) and listen to the murders and mayhem and truly terrible things people do to each other.

Up and Vanished

Up and Vanished starts off with Payne Lindsey who like me, is really into true crime. He decides to produce a true crime podcast and ends up falling in to the case of Tara Grinstead. A 30 year old, Irwin county high school teacher who went missing in 2005. The podcast takes many twist and turns and Payne even becomes part of the story line himself. He interviews many people about her, and her case along the way. His pod cast documents all the terrifying true happening to not just Tara but to himself. Its a real nail biter listing week to week. The style is much like that of Mike Boudet of sword and scale but more personal and intimate as Up and vanished is about a single case.


I hope you enjoy these podcast as much as I do. Stay creepy friends.