Weird Wine Wednesday

This week on Weird Wine,  im trying out Wine Cube.

I got this at target, It was one sale so i got a few. I wanna talk about the Pinot noir and the Cabernet Sauvignon.


As you can see they came in boxes, each box can hold about three glasses of wine which is quite generous. To be honest this was really good, and it only cost 3.99$. Lets go over some of the notes of each one.

UP first is the Pinot Noir.


It was a typical Pinot Noir that you can get off any “house wine” list. It was medium bodied that was mildly dry. It left a good weight on the pallet giving it a nice mouth feel overall. The flavor profile is very berry forward with notes of strawberries, black berries, and cherries. On the back end, the after taste or final notes of the wine is really earthly leading in to that dry feeling. It has mild notes of earthy vegetation like mushrooms or game meat.  To me this didn’t really have  ny warm spices in it like normal Pinot noir dose. It was lacking the rounded flavor profile of cinnamon or clove.

look at that pour though …. oooooo

aaaaaaaaa, so pretty, lets look at that red wine.IMG_0585

You can see how opaque the wine is, you cant see the paper fan at all. Over all i liked it, it was tasty and it was good. I’d give it a solid 3.5 out of 5, It was amazing but hey it was 4$ and drink able.

Next lets call a Cab.



Cab’s are the Queen of house wines. 9 times out of 10 if you order a house wine is going to be a Cab. That being said, it is kind of hard to make a bad Cab, i mean ive had terrible Cab’s but not often. This Cab’ had a very smooth flavor profile. By that i mean the fore taste ran into the middle and had a really gentle finish.  It had a notes of  Cherries, Currant and blackberry, making it nice and tart.  It softens with pepper and finished very dry.  Im a bit honest I love Cab’s, its my go to wine when i dont know what to pick and i would defiantly pick this wine! I finished the cube before I even knew it!

lets see that pour..

So I filmed this wrong, my bad sorry.  Its opaque but not as much as the Nior witch is strange becuase Cabs are meant to be very dark deep red.

id rate this 3 out of 5 slightly less than the pinot nior because of how flat it was compared to other Cab’s ive had. Id still buy it if it was on sale.

Thats it for this week of Weird wine I hope you liked it, let me know in the comments and Ill be brining you some White Cube wine next week.