So I’ve gotten to the point of my diet that im just at a really bad plateau, So now im switching up my diet from Keto to just eating healthy for a while. Try to maintain the weight loss if not increase it again by switching up my diet.

So on the Lifesum app I changed form light keto to “The Energizer”. That’s the diet i chose to help me get ready for the Keto diet. Its low-carb not nearly as high in protein or fat as the Keto light. Its much more genital. So i’m working my way backwards in a sense to a normal diet.

I recently learned that you are supposed to take breaks from dieting and go into a phase of maintaining so your body can rest. So that’s what im doing. Resting, my body for a bit. That also means im stopping the ab work out challenge i think to much change will upset the balance im trying to maintain.

Though the ab workout kicked my ass for real. Id recommend it for anyone trying to challenge themselves .

I have to say i did have a panic attack switching my diet mid-week (witch i was told you should do because if you start on a Monday your more likely to break it before the weekend) Because i had no food for a carb allowed diet, i have nothing but healthy fats!!! witch is good but like that’s all i had really, was veggie burgers and nuts. So that was fun to do some rush shopping but hey girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

Also id like to say that i totally messed up already in that there is this new counter that sees how long you can go with out eating red meat and today i had a pepperoni and cheese calzone (yay carbs!!) and had to reset it cause….pork is considered red meat. My record you ask….a whopping 2 days….


ima do better i swear