something that someone told you about yourself that you never forgot.

I love traveling its one of the most important things in my life. I love going to new places meeting new people and really enjoying someone elses culture and life.

You meet a lot of interesting people when you travel, Not just locals but other travelers can be filled with life chaining advice.

When  I went to Thailand I was apart of a group tour. I didn’t know anyone who was in my group but i got to know a lot of them and enjoyed hanging out with them along the way. One person in particular was really there for me, She let me cry on her shoulder about my ex. She was there for me a lot and hung out with me throughout the trip.

There was one moment at a pearl factory. I was looking at a bracelet that was about 80$. It was crushed pearls strung on a black band. Really gorgeous. At the time I was job less, I spent my life saving on the trip and had no right staring at a 80$ bracelet i would never ware. This woman came up behind, she was buying some earrings and encouraged me to buy the bracelet. I told her i couldn’t afford it at the time. She took me in her arms hand grasping my shoulder, stared straight into my eyes and said “Ain’t nobody going to treat you the way you would treat your self, NO ONE. So don’t wait to treat yourself every now and then because if you don’t who will.”

Id like to point out that she told me this while her husband stood about 2 feet away, and made some uncomfortable eye contact with me after. I bought the bracelet and have never worn it but i don’t regret it at all. Its one of my favorite items, it reminds me that i need to splurge on myself and take care of myself.  I will never forget her words and they weren’t totally about just me but they ring in my ear often.