Morning Routine

I work late at night, i don’t get home most days until around 12am or latter, And because of it i tend to have very lazy mornings. but one of my biggest goals for 2018 its to establish a functioning morning routine / schedule i can stick to. Its hard to cut up your time and be productive. What I want, is to have a routine that includes adding skin care, meditation, health and art of some kind to my my mornings.

I want to start each morning at 7:10am and start my day like this:

  • exfoliate / was face
  • 2 tbsp apple cider cinager
  • cup of tea + meditation / yoga
  • working on my shop
  • drawing or writing

I don’t know how practical its is just because i normally don’t get to sleep until around 2am so lets see how long i can keep this up. I think its really important to have something in the morning to start the day off right.ย  If everything goes right i’m going to start this today! who knows it might me magical!


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